How it all began

Beaumark (pronounced Bow-Mark) is a Millennial brand that is founded based on a mission of wiping away unattainable beauty standards. Growing up, I was fed the mentality that lighter skin is more attractive. My skin insecurities heightened as I grew older and got acne. But, I soon realised that I wasn't the only one. Having darker skin or having acne are seen as stigmas in this world.

Before launching Beaumark, I was working in the beauty industry where I felt like I had been placed backstage in a movie staring all the beauty stereotypes I could think of.  You see, through my experience in marketing in the beauty industry, I grew to understand that it was the media, the actors and the brands that created these beauty stereotypes associated with light, clear and perfect skin. They (the brands and the actors) become the heroes we grow to love, admire and aspire to become. However, such ideologies are unattainable. Perfection is far from normality. We all have acne, scars, dark circles which are often concealed from the public eye in order to show our best but often false self.

I believe our generation is different. I believe millennials are change makers and seekers. The first step towards any change is realising what is wrong. 'Beauty' doesn't need to have a label or a definition. By loving your skin, you can automatically love yourself. Besides skin positivity, Beaumark aims to shed light on other aspects of the beauty industry like colourism and sustainable beauty which have received little attention in India. I created Beaumark to be seen as more than just a brand, but as a platform to voice this change we so deeply need. You only ever need one voice to help others find theirs. 

Steps we're taking towards our mission

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