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How we're helping out during the second wave

A message from our founder:   As some of you may know, we began our summer sale over the weekend and we received a great response. I am humbled that people are willing to support small businesses like ours during this time. However, small businesses aren't the only ones suffering. Many people have lost their jobs and are now living in extreme conditions. So, I want to use our platform to give back to others that are in need.    We are based in Mumbai and it made the most sense for us to give back to our local community. By shopping with us during the rest of our summer sale, we will be giving back 50% of the profits...

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How has being dark-skinned impacted you?

In this blog, we wanted to inquire deeper into the impacts of colourism in India, so we reached out to Anuja Premika, who answers our burning questions below. Anuja is a PhD student studying online beauty culture at the Department of Communication, University of Hyderabad. She was part of a three-person team (along with Desiree D’Souza and Neha Joshi) that created the documentary “Un-Fair” that explores skin colour bias in the Indian beauty and media industries.  ALSO READ: PART 1 OF OUR COLOURISM IN INDIA SERIES, WRITTEN BY BEAUMARK'S FOUNDER, SHIKHA. Based on your analysis of colourism and after interviewing so many people on the topic, what were the main effects of the prejudice and discrimination of those with darker skin tones?  The...

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What is Beaumark? Learn more about us

We did a poll on Instagram and were flooded with questions asking us more about our brand, so we decided to answer some of your burning questions in detail below. Make sure you follow us on instagram @beaumarkbeauty so you don't miss out on our polls!  1. When and why did you start your business? I was living in the UK, studying marketing and working for one of the biggest beauty companies in the world when lockdown hit. It was also when the black lives matter movement began in the US and it had a big impact on me. In particular it got me thinking, why is there a discussion about racial equality but no discussion about equality within a racial group. I...

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Investment in Skincare - Part 2

You asked for it and we brought it! Here’s a part 2 of our skin-vestment blog where we deep dive with some of our favorite skincare influencers on their top tips when it comes to buying skincare, their existing skin issues, and looking at their thoughts on industry trends. Also, do read part 1 of this blog if you haven’t already where we talk about must-have ingredients in skincare. What key Ingredients should you look for when shopping Skincare? Niyanta, a skincare and lifestyle influencer, says “I always try keeping my skincare intentional & shop for ingredients that cater to my skin concerns.”  It’s imperative to take note of your skin concerns before blindly following trends that may or may...

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Investment in Skincare - Part 1

Have you heard the term Skin-vestment? Well, skincare is probably the most underrated form of investment when it comes to ‘splurging’ on quality skincare products. Like everything, it takes time to see results. But to see good results, you need to invest in your skin with quality products. It’s never too late to start investing in good skincare and maintaining a routine for it.

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