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Skin Purging - It's a good thing!

Well, you want to achieve that glowing skin of your dreams! To do that, you need to get rid of breakouts, acne, blemishes etc. from your skin. The active ingredients that are used to tackle these skin concerns start working their way through your skin faster to bring up the backed-up bacteria along with excess sebum, oils and dirt on the surface from your pores. This activity makes your skin shed the dead skin cells faster than usual revealing fresh and healthy skin. Read more

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Indian Skin - Playing With Pigments

Indian skin tones range between two ends of the spectrum. The skin tone is defined by the amount of melanin, a natural pigment present in the body. Indian skin is thicker as compared to other countries, and they are more prone to get tanned rather than sun burnt. Sometimes, overproduction of melanin in certain parts of your face or body can lead to hyperpigmentation. Let's understand causes of uneven skin tones and remedies for the same

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4 Myths busted about Clean Beauty!

What is clean beauty? Is clean beauty always good for you? With the rise of conscious consumerism in the beauty industry, the skincare and cosmetic products came with their own segmentations and labels. One of them being ‘clean beauty’. Many brands claim that they are clean, cruelty-free and vegan. Are all of these the same? Read more to find out

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Skincare in early 20s vs Skincare in early 30s

Our skin constantly undergoes through changes as we age. Skin concerns vary between different age groups as skin’s structure varies over the years. Your 20s glowing and radiant skin gives way to your 30s post puberty skin which can show signs of thinning, wrinkles and discoloration. Your skin starts loosing 1% collagen every year in your late 20s and early 30s. Signs of premature aging, wrinkles, crow’s feet, discoloration, dryness starts showing up in the late 20s or early 30s. This is because skin’s damage in your teens or early 20s due to environmental factors starts showing up during your 30s. That is why it is necessary to take good preventative care of the skin in your 20s.

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