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We did a poll on Instagram and were flooded with questions asking us more about our brand, so we decided to answer some of your burning questions in detail below. Make sure you follow us on instagram @beaumarkbeauty so you don't miss out on our polls!

Beaumark About us

 1. When and why did you start your business?

I was living in the UK, studying marketing and working for one of the biggest beauty companies in the world when lockdown hit. It was also when the black lives matter movement began in the US and it had a big impact on me. In particular it got me thinking, why is there a discussion about racial equality but no discussion about equality within a racial group. I knew from my experience in the beauty industry that brands have such a powerful impact on what gets adopted as ‘the norm’ in society. India is one of the world’s largest skin lightening markets and brands, media, actors continuously portray having lighter skin as the norm leading to this demand of ‘lighter skin’ to feel beautiful.


As a millennial, it was important for me to have my brand stand for an important mission and to act as a voice for other millennials like myself. My brand, Beaumark, thus stands for both skin love and self-love. This means an acceptance of our skin colour, our imperfections, and what makes us, us. I created Beaumark as more than just a brand, but as a platform to voice this change we so deeply need.


 2. How hard has it been being a young female founder?

Even though India is progressing to become more modern and accepting of women working, the number of females in higher positions are still scarce. I often faced people questioning how serious I was, talking down at me because I was a woman and underestimating me among many other things. But by being passionate about the cause I was working towards and being confident in myself, I was able to bypass some of these difficulties through perseverance. 


 3. What makes Beaumark different from other companies?

Beaumark is one of the first millennial brands to support and cater to all skin types by altering the myths about unattainable beauty standards. We believe that breaking the traditional beauty industry stereotypes and standing up for what is real, can be the new normal.


We consistently address the power of equality and #nocolourism through our blogs, Instagram Q&As, Facebook, Twitter and newsletters. We hope to keep raising awareness and keep educating modern customers about the importance of inclusivity, equality and beauty without colour sensitivity.


 4. Can you talk to us a bit more about the 3 core pillars of your brand?

The 3 core pillars of Beaumark Beauty are skin positivity, saying no to colourism and promoting clean beauty.


Times are changing and it is important for people to learn and understand that colour merely doesn’t limit or define an individual’s abilities. Through our brand, we strongly stand for the #Nocolourism movement to create more inclusivity and empower diversity.


We know that acne, scars, dark circles, hyperpigmentation is normal. Through our brand, we want to focus on #skinpositivityand empower men and women to support each other in their skincare journeys and allow them to appreciate what is real and beautiful.


Beaumark focuses on clean beauty. By this we mean, We don't want to greenwash our consumers. What you see is what you get, we're 100% transparent about our ingredient list. Not to mention, all our ingredients are locally sourced and manufactured in India. We are proudly vegan, vegetarian, cruelty-free, paraben and sulphate free! 


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