Time It Takes For Serums To Create Wonders For Your Skin

Serums are a must-haves in your skincare routine to rise up a notch higher in your skincare game! Serums can definitely make your routine and help you achieve the results you desire. Nowadays, these skin serums come in many different versions with different combinations or not, each promising to tackle your specific skin concerns. However, it becomes necessary to understand the nature of these active ingredients to estimate how long they will take to start showing results.

We are going to look at a list of different serums which are powerful in targeting some prodding skin issues.

Beaumark Serum


Retinol is gentler derivative of Vitamin A and can prove to be a miraculous serum for anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits. Retinol boosts blood flow to the skin which helps in reducing acne, wrinkles, dark spots and brightens dull skin. It is recommended that Retinol should be used for a few weeks, anywhere between 6-12 weeks to start seeing benefits. It can be used by all skin types.

Vitamin C-

This hero ingredient is one of the most effective active ingredients found in serums. Vitamin C serums help reduce hyperpigmentation, dark spots, acne scars and wrinkles. This also boosts collagen production and protects skin from sun damage by neutralizing free radicals on the skin’s surface. Since Vitamin C works in the skin surface to change the structure of the skin, it takes about 4 - 6 weeks of consistent usage to start seeing visible changes.

We recommend trying out the magic of Vitamin C with Beaumark beauty’s skin repair serum for smooth and glowing skin.

Beaumark Skin Repair Serum

Hyaluronic Acid –

This active ingredient works like a holy grail for skin that loses moisture easily. People with dry skin can greatly benefit from this acid as it works with the skin surface to lock in the moisture and retain hydration in the skin. Hyaluronic acid shows effects within 2-3 minutes of its application. This ingredient is also in our skin repair serum.


Niacinamide helps create a protective skin barrier which prevents sun damage. It helps build keratin, a type of protein which makes the skin firm, minimizes pore appearance and regulates oil. This serum takes about 8-12 weeks to start showing positive results. It is recommended to use 5% Niacinamide serum for best results.

Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid is a BHA which works well under the skin surface to exfoliate the skin and rids it of mild acne (blackheads, whiteheads). The Maskne Gentle Cleanser, which contains salicylic acid can be used to treat acne scars, age spots and also prevents future breakouts. 

This Cleanser takes 4-6 weeks to start showing results and it should be continued to see long term benefits.


Alpha Hydroxy Acid serums have loads of benefits. They exfoliate the skin and assists in reduction of acne, scars, discoloration, dull skin, hyperpigmentation and they also give anti-aging benefits. You will likely see a change in your complexion immediately after its first use but real results starts to show after 4-8 weeks.


Beta Hydroxy Acid serums can go deeper into the skin surface and clean out dirt and sebum from pores to stabilize the skin’s lining. This is best used for acne prone skin and other deeper skin concerns. Since BHAs helps in skin cells turnover, they take about 4-12 weeks to start showing actual results.

Massage these serums well into your skin with a Gua Sha or a Jade Roller and top if off with a moisturizer and a sunscreen for best results!

We hope that this brief information will help you get clarity and gain momentum in purchasing these serums according to your needs and patiently wait it out till you start seeing wonders that they do to your skin. Because they sure will!


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