The 8 Step Summer Skincare Routine Guide

The 8 step summer skincare routine guide

The transition from winters to summers is a usually a challenging time for your skin. Due to global warming, we are experiencing relatively harsher summer weathers than before. To add to it, the masks we wear the entire day makes it extremely important for our skin to take note of good skincare to avoid excess oil secretion, dirt clogged in pores, and heavy makeup which in turn leads to acne, hyper pigmentation and dull skin.

AM/PM routine

Consistency is the key to maintaining a healthy skin. It is extremely important to follow a routine and swear by it in the summers. Some people follow two different routines for days and nights which have historically shown positive results for their skin

Below we will mention some of the best practices observed by industry experts

summer skincare routine

AM Routine-

  1. Use a gentle and light weight cleanser or cleansing water to rinse of dirt and oil from the skin. You can use gel based cleanser or a mild foaming cleanser for best results which you can find here, recommended by NDTV.
  2. Apply Vitamin C serum to radiate your skin and get that fresh glowing look in the mornings. Vitamin C serum helps lightening blemishes and scars on the skin
  3. Use a light weight moisturizer to avoid oil sweeping through easily
  4. Top it up with your sunscreen as it’s highly critical to use one in such strong summers. Sunscreen protects the skin from getting damaged in UV rays and helps keep skin hydrated. You can go for mineral based sunscreens that provide better hydration as compared to chemical based sunscreens

PM Routine-

  1. Exfoliate your skin with a gentle face wash to remove the day’s makeup, oil and dirt. Prefer using a gel based cleanser/face wash or cream based face wash for dry skin in the summers. We recommend the Maskne cleanser which removes makeup and unclog pores leaving you with refreshing skin
  2. Dab toner on a cotton pad to remove the remaining dirt and hydrate the skin as well
  3. You can use a hyaluronic acid or oil-based serums on open pores to get your skin hydrated and well nourished
  4. The last step is to use a light night cream along with a soothing eye cream to get healthy and plump glowing skin the next day

Ensuring the right combination of ingredients in your products will result in optimum benefits for your skin and make sure not to reapply the the same chemicals to your skin more than once.

Presence of basic chemical ingredients like hyaluronic acid is useful for skin hydration, ceramides help lock the moisture in the skin, salicylic acid prevents acne, and glycolic acid has anti-aging properties.

Our final tip is to amp up your skin by using what best suits your skin type. Click here to find out what you skin type is! 


Happy Skin, Happy Summer!

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