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Investment in Skincare - Part 1

Have you heard the term Skin-vestment? Well, skincare is probably the most underrated form of investment when it comes to ‘splurging’ on quality skincare products. Like everything, it takes time to see results. But to see good results, you need to invest in your skin with quality products. It’s never too late to start investing in good skincare and maintaining a routine for it.

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How to treat Maskne in 2021?

Have you been getting an increase in acne breakouts in your chin and cheek area? Well, that's maskne, or simply put, acne caused by wearing face masks. Masks impose heat and friction on your skin. This combined with a moist environment from breathing or talking or even sweating means that your pores get clogged.

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Updated Skincare routine since coronavirus

With nowhere to go during lockdown, many of us have started using less makeup and have instead switched to skincare as a way to repair and rejuvenate our skin in preparation for when we are allowed to leave the house again. However, times have changed. The skincare routine I used pre-lockdown isn’t the same as the one I am using now and there are many reasons for this...

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