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Colour Inclusivity in Media

A better racial representation can be seen in mainstream movies and TV shows since 2016. #Oscarsowhite became a trending hashtag in 2015 when the Academy awarded all 20 nominations to white actors irrespective of better talent found among the people of colour. This movement inspired filmmakers to portray people of colour in leading and game-changing roles. Since this movement came shortly after the #BlackLivesMatter movement, Hollywood was pushed to evaluate their prejudiced voting systems.

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Colourism on Social Media

Colourism has been prevalent in communities since over a century. In this modern day and age, thanks to social media and empowered individuals who have started to come up and speak about their harrowing experiences on facing  skin tone biases in societies since times immemorial.  #SayNoToColourism movement was long overdue as it has become a matter of urgency to address this stigma and recognize the truth that has been suppressed since many years. Through social media platforms, people are now owning their skin colour and challenging the age old status quos proudly.    

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Investment in Skincare - Part 2

You asked for it and we brought it! Here’s a part 2 of our skin-vestment blog where we deep dive with some of our favorite skincare influencers on their top tips when it comes to buying skincare, their existing skin issues, and looking at their thoughts on industry trends. Also, do read part 1 of this blog if you haven’t already where we talk about must-have ingredients in skincare. What key Ingredients should you look for when shopping Skincare? Niyanta, a skincare and lifestyle influencer, says “I always try keeping my skincare intentional & shop for ingredients that cater to my skin concerns.”  It’s imperative to take note of your skin concerns before blindly following trends that may or may...

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