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Colourism on Social Media

Colourism has been prevalent in communities since over a century. In this modern day and age, thanks to social media and empowered individuals who have started to come up and speak about their harrowing experiences on facing  skin tone biases in societies since times immemorial.  #SayNoToColourism movement was long overdue as it has become a matter of urgency to address this stigma and recognize the truth that has been suppressed since many years. Through social media platforms, people are now owning their skin colour and challenging the age old status quos proudly.    

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Colourism - Ghosts Of Past Perceptions

Since the British colonised India, there seems to have been a particular perception about power and wealth being associated with lighter skin colour. Several academics have written their thoughts and analysis on this bias but today we take a look through a new perspective as part of our ongoing 'Say no to Colourism' series. It is empowering to see women recognizing that this distorted perception is far from the truth. One such amazing pioneer of the #NocolourismMovement is Shweta Aggarwal who has generously contributed her thoughts on this topic. She is also publishing her book Black Rose through which she wants to uncover dark ideologies around skin colour and shed some light on what needs to be changed. She says, “The...

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