Skin Love Is Self-Love. Why?

Beaumark Beauty strongly believes in skin love is self-love. Our brand focuses on empowering our community about the importance of skin love on our platform. Channelling self-care into our daily life can feel a bit daunting, but practicing skincare everyday can put you into a rhythm of consistency that act as building blocks in your self-love journey.

Practicing skin care as a part of self-love results in falling into the habit of loving your skin, as it is. Skin positivity has recently gained a lot of attention where more men and women are embracing and championing their skin as they love it. Constant exposure to social media filters, glamorous lights and picture-perfect narratives of influencers, artists, actors conditions us to have that scintillating skin which requires to be flawless, shiny and smooth. In reality, skin positivity educates people that no skin is perfect. The word perfect is overrated and one must realize that instead of being insecure about one’s skin, be confident in it.

Colourism as we know it has always placed emphasis on light skin and its benefits. In the present day, it’s powerful to witness more people around the globe standing up for their melanin infused skin tones with pride. This is a great demonstration of being secure with your skin and embracing it with dignity.

How to practice skin-love?

The first step to practicing skin-love is getting into a habit of having a simple skincare activity. Allowing yourself the time to spend on a skincare routine can be the first step in realizing how positively skin love impacts your mental health.

This daily activity can include a basic routine of cleansing your face twice a day, putting a serum and your favourite moisturizer. This simple three step routine can make you feel like you have taken 10 minutes out of your day to focus solely on yourself. This feeling indicates your importance for your self-care, nourishment and growth.

Some of the other ways in which you can show some love to your skin includes-

  • Putting up a nice facial mask every week
  • Getting face massages done every month
  • Explore aromatherapy to destress
  • Consistently enjoy hydrating yourself
  • Get good sleep

Practicing skincare regularly has been found to elevate mental health and has a direct correlation to your mood. It gives a sense of direction and control in the moment of chaos. Also, skin care benefits go a long way and can make you more confident and loving towards yourself.

We believe that you are worth all the care you need.


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