Colourism on Social Media

Technology has played a huge part in influencing social norms, human behavior, accepting identities and imparting awareness on issues that were spoken into taboo before. One such topics is that of Colourism. It creates a privilege for those with lighter skin in their career, perceived beauty and so on, compared to their darker skinned counterparts. However, with increasing number of people speaking out more about this archaic practice, awareness is being generated about issues related to colourism and how this perspective needs to be wiped out from the society.

Nowadays, people are challenging colourism through social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook that guarantees attention and interaction and has the capacity of shaping people’s choices and decision-making capacities.

Dark Is Beautiful In India-

Masaba Gupta said “What if I told you that no matter where you come from, the colour of your skin or the hook of your nose, or the scar from 7th grade is amazing. You must always keep your chin up.”

More Bollywood celebrities like Priyanka Chopra, Lisa Hayden, are speaking up about their experiences and empowering young girls to love themselves in the skin they are in.

Awareness around colourism is promoted through Instagram by many young influencers. They speak about social issues related to colourism, marriage, job, careers. Many of them make beauty blogs/vlogs where they show true representation of all skin tones and make videos around darker skin tones. Instead of hiding the features, these influencers show ways to enhance them.

South Asian communities are challenging the mindset of light-skin tones being the currency for marriage through their social media

                                                 Nabela Noor (@nabela)

People of Colour In The World-

Very recently, Meghan Markle, a famous Hollywood actor spoke about facing colourism and racism with Oprah Winfrey, another famous host, pioneering the colourism and racism movement globally.

Another disheartening incident which caused the Black Lives Matter movement to start, instigated people around the world to protect and accept themselves in ways they had refused to do before.

#UnfairandLovely campaign led by Mirusha and Yanusha set Twitter, Instagram and Facebook abuzz.  This campaign was in collaboration with Pax Jones and it was created to increase representation of dark skinned people in the media space.

Dark skinned people around the world promoted this campaign and spoke about their representation and need to be accepted around the world through social media

New Age, New Perspectives-

#SayNoToColourism movement was long overdue as it has become a matter of urgency to address this stigma and recognize the truth that has been suppressed since many years. The need to talk about this topic, accept its representation is necessary for people so that they can be comfortable in their ethnicities, feel valued in their communities and embark on a journey of selflove. Through social media platforms, people are now owning their skin colour and challenging the age old status quos proudly.

Hashtags like #unfairandlovely #darkisbeautiful #colourism are trending on social media


Aghil Menon, a fashion photographer has challenged shadism with this shoot

There is light at the end of the tunnel and a new world is being shared by people with equal rights, equal voices and recognition. Diversity is being truly inculcated into our lives and this will lead our world to a better place.

So tell us, what are you doing to #saynotocolourism?

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