4 Myths busted about Clean Beauty!

With the rise of conscious consumerism in the beauty industry, the skincare and cosmetic products came with their own segmentations and labels. One of them being ‘clean beauty’. Many brands claim that they are clean, cruelty-free and vegan. Are all of these the same?

Today, let’s bust some confusing myths about clean beauty. But, before that, let’s try and understand a little about clean beauty products.

The exact definition of clean beauty is very murky. Brands talk about clean sustainable beauty in accordance with their business model. In reality, there is a very simple definition of clean beauty. Clean beauty refers to beauty products that contain no toxic ingredients, which means that these products are not harmful to the health, are not hormone disruptors or have any carcinogenic chemicals.

Brands that manufacture clean beauty products make an effort to make their ingredient list as transparent as possible. This is a solid way to determine the brand’s initiative towards the movement.

4 Myths about clean beauty – BUSTED!

  1. Clean and natural are synonymous-

Clean beauty products don’t have to be all natural. However, all natural skincare products can be categorized in clean beauty. Sometimes, natural products without any preservatives can prove harmful as well. Science of beauty has evolved so much in the past few years that many man-made and synthetic preservatives are also non-toxic and can be utilized in beauty products.

  1. Vegan and clean are synonymous-

Vegan beauty products mean that there is no presence of animal ingredients in the products. Vegan and clean beauty can be followed by a brand but most of the clean beauty brands have to make use of some form of animal ingredients in their clean beauty line, effectively not making them 100% vegan.

  1. Clean beauty is always cruelty-free -

Cruelty-free products simply mean that they are not tested on animals. Clean beauty products don’t necessarily have to be cruelty-free. They can be clean and yet be tested on animals.

  1. Clean beauty is always sustainable-

It’s widely thought that clean beauty is always sustainable. No, it’s not. Many times sourcing natural ingredients from the environment can create an adverse impact on the eco system. Therefore, clean beauty products are not 100 percent sustainable.

At Beaumark Beauty, we strive to align our products according to our brand’s initiative of following a clean and cruelty-free lifestyle.

Did we manage to bust these myths for you?

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