3 Trendy Beauty Tools For Face – Are They Worth The Hype?

To all you skincare buffs out there – the onslaught of new skincare tools, trends keep piling up daily and you might end up getting confused on what to hit and what to miss! Don’t look any further, read more to know what will suit you the best.

Take a quick look at 3 types of game-changing beauty tools -

Gua Sha

Gua Sha came into existence many centuries ago. It is a Chinese traditional go-to ritual to firm and sculpt the skin along with releasing tightness around neck and shoulders. Gua Sha boosts blood circulation, relieves tension from face muscles, helps in lymphatic drainage and gives the skin a glowing appearance. Apart from this it has many beauty benefits such as reducing puffiness, dark circles, fine lines, wrinkles, hyper pigmentation thus improving skin elasticity.

Is it worth the hype?

We took a 7 DAYS GUA SHA challenge and here are the results

Gua Sha before and after

More and more people have been experiencing benefits of Gua Sha and are willing to test it out!

Beaumark Beauty’s Gua Sha


Jade Roller

Jade roller also assist in lymphatic drainage. It massages your face to filter out fluids from your system through lymph nodes. This tool should be incorporated into your skincare routine consistently to see significant results. Apart from its therapeutic benefits, it also de puffs the face, regulates blood circulation, tightens pores and reduces skin inflammation to give it a smooth glowing look.

Here’s before/after image-

jade roller before and after

This definitely shows results and lives up to its hype. Use Jade roller consistently in your skincare routine to see significant changes. This tool is safe to use on a daily basis.


Beaumark Beauty’s Jade Roller

Ice Roller

This interesting device has been making news over the past few months among skincare enthusiasts. It is touted as one of the new wellness based skincare tools which assists in improving cell functionality, skin elasticity, blood circulation and evens out skin texture. Stick one of these into the freezer and include it into your skincare routine for a quick de puff too. 

How to use it –

Store it in the freezer no longer than 4 hours before you want to use it. Rub it across your jawline, cheeks, temple, chin and under the eyes to get rid of that puffiness.

Here’s a before/after image –

 before and after ice roller

Is it worth the hype?

Clearly so! It’s fun to use and gives lasting results in the form of smooth, glowing skin. It is definitely your best friend after a sleepless night!

ice roller before and after


There are tons of skincare tools available apart from these above mentioned ones. Trends are good and sometimes beneficial as well. But always remember – too much of anything is not good. Understand your skin’s needs and invest wisely in your skincare tools to get maximum benefits out of them.

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