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How Stress Affects Skin?

There are certain alarming signs that your skin starts to project when you go through excess stress. These signs help you take early measures for your skin health. Let’s take a look at some of them down below - Acne- Our body has a tendency to produce cortisol. Cortisol is a stress related hormone which leads to production of excess oil and sebum. This hyper production of oil in our skin glands clogs pores with oil, dirt and bacteria which aggravates acne breakouts and inflammation.

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Skincare- Keeping It Real

                            Source – Pixabay. Image by AdoreBeautyNZ We are sure it must be difficult to follow the principle of minimalism when we look at unending claims made by beauty products online and on aisles in stores. These days you can hear dermatologists and beauty experts’ advice to follow a simple skincare routine, but, how could you? With so many options shown to us on a daily basis, the word ‘simple’ and ‘basic’ have lost all meaning in itself. In this article, we list down a straightforward skincare routine which lists down 4 steps than will ensure a decent healthy skin. This routine is recommended to everybody with...

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Skincare Routine for Make-Up Lovers

This festive season, paint the town red with your stunning looks but… don’t forget to wear your sunscreen first! A good skincare routine will give you the best make-up results. Here are some essential skincare tips and steps we would like to share with you to prep your skin up before application of make-up. Let’s dive right into it, shall we-

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Skincare Products Shelf Life

We have so many skincare products stocked up at any point in the year that it takes a herculean amount of effort for us to take the time out to see if they are potent and consumable. Just like our favourite perishable food items, our favourite skincare products tend to get spoilt. If we don’t dispose these products off, we run into the risk of getting a skin infection, rashes or unwanted acne.

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Colour Inclusivity in Media

A better racial representation can be seen in mainstream movies and TV shows since 2016. #Oscarsowhite became a trending hashtag in 2015 when the Academy awarded all 20 nominations to white actors irrespective of better talent found among the people of colour. This movement inspired filmmakers to portray people of colour in leading and game-changing roles. Since this movement came shortly after the #BlackLivesMatter movement, Hollywood was pushed to evaluate their prejudiced voting systems.

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